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Warm Blankets Orphan Care

About Us

African is a ministry of Warm Blankets Orphan Care International, a nonprofit Christian mission intent on fulfilling the Great Commission by rescuing and caring for orphans in conjunction with church-planting efforts.

African Orphan Crisis

AIDS, war, disease, poverty, and famine have created a worldwide tragedy. In Africa, current figures show there are over 80 million orphans - 12 million have been orphaned by AIDS...
"The worst is yet to come," warns a report issued by the UN Children's Fund. In Africa, half will be due to AIDS by 2010.

Orphaned children, the majority between the ages of 10 and 16, are left without critical guidance, protection and support. The problem is overwhelming, the need is immense, but there is a solution

Solution to the Crisis

Someone once said of Africa, "If there is any place where love is dead, it is here." African Orphans does not believe that to be true. We believe that the love of God is making a difference in a continent torn by war, disease and poverty. African Orphans believes God is the "father of the fatherless" (Ps 98:5). orphans in Kinshasha home
We believe God is calling His Church throughout the world to show His love by taking action and caring for the orphan and the widow, for this is religion that is pure and faultless. (James 1:27) Based on this faith, African Orphans is dedicated to taking in the orphaned children ofAfrica and bringing them into our hearts and into our Church OrphanHomes.
Join the efforts of African Orphans us take what the Lord has provided, using our Church Home orphan care model to restore the lives of these orphans!
Click here to see how we are being part of the solution through our effective church orphan home models.
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